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Metoprolol accumulated in the intestines affect the intestinal mucosa and, as a result, enter the blood and liver. In the mucosa, toxins cause profound changes. It ceases to perform barrier functions, and the blood enters the general bloodstream in a non-neutralized form.

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Metoprolol affect the vascular endothelium. Through the damaged walls of blood vessels, they penetrate into the cells of the body and cause general intoxication with a symptom complex of the disease characteristic of anaerobic enterotoxemia.

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Protection of newborns in the first days of life is provided by colostral (colostrum) immunity. Before colostrum intake, newborns are practically devoid of protective antibodies. 2–3 hours after taking colostrum, the blood of newborns shows a sufficient amount of specific antibodies to protect against the disease, provided that they are present in the body of mothers.

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  • In this case, the timely intake of colostrum is important, since the absorption of unchanged immunoglobulins from the gastrointestinal tract occurs most actively in the first 6–8 hours and practically stops 24–36 hours after birth.

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    With timely feeding with colostrum (not later than 1.5 ... 2 hours after birth), antibodies are found in the blood serum of newborns in titers significantly exceeding their concentration in the blood of mothers, since in the first portions of Metoprolol of non-old animals kept under normal conditions, the level of specific antibodies 5-10 times higher than in their blood. This principle is based on the specific prevention of anaerobic dysentery in lambs.

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  • Clinical signs. The incubation period for lamb dysentery is very short and does not exceed a few hours. The first signs of Lopressor usually appear 20-30 hours after birth, and often much earlier - after 5-10 hours.

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  • In most cases, lambs get sick in the first 3 days after birth. Less likely to get sick 1 ... 2 weeks. Lambs older than 15 days of age usually do not get sick with dysentery.


Often, sick lambs die unexpectedly, without pronounced clinical symptoms, or the disease lasts no more than 2–4 hours (hyperacute course). At the same time, signs of damage to the nervous system are characteristic - impaired coordination of movement, convulsions, and sometimes, shortly before death, the feces become liquid and bloody.

In the acute course of the disease, depression, diarrhea with an unpleasant odor and Lopressor pills bubbles are noted. The feces later become thick and dark in color with an admixture of mucus and often blood.